Join us on November 11th at 11:00a.m (one hour before kickoff) for a Buck-Icon information session and meet and greet event.   Buck-Icon's vision is to create a brotherhood amongst the fans and former members of the Ohio State football program that will bridge gaps and improve communication and the exchange of ideas.   
Buck-Icon is committed making a significant impact on the community by providing insight, and wisdom from positive influences that once provided the community with entertainment and energy on the gridiron at The Ohio State University.

Former OSU players James Cotton, Derek Combs, and Kato Mitchell will be at Strike City to speak about the Buck-Icon Foundation, tell us about life after OSU and Pro football, and answer your questions.  Since James was the last player to sack Tom Brady TWICE in the Big House, I'm sure he won't mind reminiscing about his years as a Buckeye!  Derek was voted Ohio's Mr. Football in 1996, was an All American DB and went on to play several years in the NFL.  Kato initially walked on to the team in 2012 and was a key member of the scout team during OSU's run to the 2014 CFP National Championship.  They will undoubtedly have a ton of great stories to share with us - up close and personal!  

You are welcome to take pics and bring items to be signed. We will have several silent auction items and tons of merchandise for purchase. Proceeds will benefit Football Camps for Special Needs Children and the Charlotte Buckeyes Scholarship fund. 

It's not often Buckeye fans in Charlotte have the opportunity to mingle with OSU players. Come out and take advantage of this awesome event and stick around to watch the game with us! James, Derek, and Kato will be hanging out... and you never know what other Buckeye friends will be stopping by! 

Go Bucks! Pay it Forward.