Board Member Roles and Responsibilities



Supervises all Alumni group affairs
Establishes short and long-term goals and tracks group progress in meeting desired goals and club tier
Organizes and runs Board Meetings
Serves as liaison to OSUAA and to other alumni clubs (OSU clubs, Ohio Colleges, BIG clubs)
Serves as liaison to football game day venues
Serves as ex officio member of all committees and assists with all events as needed
Assists with website and social media as needed
Assists with Volunteer and member recruitment


Performs duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President including becoming President for the unexpired term if the Presidency shall become vacant

Follows up with Board Officers on tasks, deadlines and goals

Fills in when needed for Board of Governors' responsibilities (e.g. if any committee chair is vacated)

Assists with events as needed

Assists with volunteer and member recruitment.

Records general and board meeting minutes and disseminates minutes to meeting attendees
Works with Treasurer to track Membership Roster and maintain accurate records
Coordinates the production of club membership cards and business cards
Coordinates with OSUAA staff contact to create club emails and postcards
Responsible with providing OSUAA with annual list of Charlotte Buckeye club officers, chairs and captains
Assists with events as needed
Assists with volunteer and member recruitment

Maintains club financial records and presents monthly data to the Board of Directors

Manages revenue and expenses of all club accounts and club events/fund raisers/service projects

Maintains website Store and updates Membership Roster

Works with Board to approve and track Alumni Association reimbursement requests and submits post-event froms via DocuSign

Files annual tax forms through the IRS and shares completed form with OSUAA staff contact

Assists with events as needed

Assists with volunteer and member recruitment


Scholarship Committee Chairperson
Serves as the Liaison between the Club and the Alumni Scholars Program (ASP) representative
Works with Scholarship Committee to distribute scholarship applications, screen applicants, and provide OSUAA representative with Scholarship recipient information
Works with Scholarship Committee to identify appropriate ways to recognize scholarship recipients (e.g. school visists, recipient dinner)
Works with Club's Board of Directors to determine appropriate scholarship amounts and number of recipients
Assists with events as needed
Assists with volunteer and member recruitment
Special Events/ Community Service Chairperson
Takes the lead for all service projects and various club events
Plan and executes Loaves and Fishes Fund raiser and Summer Picnic/Student Send-off
Assists with website maintenance: event articles, results from service projects
Responds to all emails from the club website
Assists with volunteer and member recruitment

Social Media Chairperson

Works with social media team to manage alumni group social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Ensures group communications use approved university logos and images, and follow university brand guidelines

Track social medis stats to evaluate effectiveness of posts and how to increase positive social media exposure for the club

Maintain website communications by creating and sending group emails, providing frequent informational and photo updates to keep site current (sponsor fader, photo fader)


Game Day Captains (1 Captain per Game Day Venue)
Liaison to designated venue in tandem with club president
Assists with Game Day planning
Creates and monitors Sign-up Genius to ensure appropriate amount of game day volunteers at designeted venue
Assists with membership table and scholarship raffle duties
Tracks Game Dat statistics and reports them to the Board of Directors
Responsible for ensuring Game Day funds and paperwork are delivered to Club Treasurer
Assists with other club events as needed
Assists with volunteer and member recruitment