The Charlotte Buckeyes Alumni Club's Scholarship fund has been established through the hard work of our club members, the generosity of our donors and the many Buckeye fans and alumni. Our club is proud to provide scholarships to students in the Charlotte area, accepted at Ohio State and are committed to attend. Students from the Charlotte area may be awarded scholarship money based on the following criteria:
Preferably be admitted to the University.
Record of participation in school, community, extracurricular activities, and academic merit.

Quality of answers to several essay questions.
And possibly, a personal telephone interview with our local Scholarship Committee.


You can apply for a scholarship from the Charlotte Buckeyes here:

General scholarship information can be found at  Further information on scholarships and Financial Aid at Ohio State can be found here. For questions, contact Leslie Smith,, 614-292-6576 at the Alumni Association.

To donate to OSU's General scholarship fund, click here: DONATE.

Charlotte Buckeyes Scholarship dollars are raised from the proceeds of club events. The more funds we raise, the more money we award.

We are confident these individuals will be fine representatives of our club and of the Charlotte area.  Welcome to The Ohio State family! 

Congratulations to our 2022 Scholarship Recipients: 
$20k total awarded to current student scholarships
Taylor Justice
Carter Buck
Peyton Breedlove
Ahley Ohmstede
Kathryn Jones
Julia Fishbaugh
Tiffani Thalacker
2021 Scholarship Recipients:
$20k total awarded
Julia Fishbaugh
Tiffani Thalacker
2020 Scholarship Recipients:
$20k total awarded 
Peyton Breedlove
Ashley Ohmstede
Kathryn Jones
2019 Scholarship Recipients: 
$15k total awarded
Katie Ezell
Carter Buck
Taylor Justice
2018 Scholarship Recipients:
$12k total awarded
Sydney Baxter
Madison Heldman
Sean Menkel

2017 Scholarship Recipients:
$12k total awarded

Josh Bernadel                                    

Alexa Duffy

    Drew Kazmierczak


    2016 Scholarship recipients: 

    $12k total awarded

    Joseph Armanini

    Kaitryana Leinbach

    Maddie Reiser



    2015 Scholarship recipients: 
   $10k total awarded 

    Rachel Bright

    Bryan Fennell

    Ben Thompson

    Alex Tolley

    Jack Triscari 


    2014 Scholarship Recipients:

    Anne Hohler

    Lisa Voorhis


    2013 Scholarship Recipient:

   Sarah Johnson

    2012 Scholarship Recipient:
    Elexus White